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  • What is PEX Pipe – An Overview

    Introduction The prices for copper pipes are increasing rapidly with every day, that’s why more economical alternative is needed. Such an alternative was found in PEX plumbing systems. Cross-linked polyethylene, PEX, has become more common because of its ease of use and less fittings. For instance, PEX is easily bent around corners where a copper […]

  • Common Plumbing Myths to Look For

    The plumbing myths that a lot of homeowners believe in are numerous and have often been passed down from generation to generation. Everyone knows them, but no one knows who ever told the “true story” regarding your home’s plumbing. Let’s sort out some common misconceptions about what’s going on with your plumbing that are at best […]

  • Ask the Expert: When you think about it, the need for plumbers is pretty profound!

    “It’s the single most important trade in the entire world,” says Mont Stephenson, general manager of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Phoenix. “If we don’t have systems in place to control waste, we have diseases—and none of us exist.” With the weight of the world on their shoulders, plumbers could use our help. Here, three plumbers […]

  • Traditional vs Tankless Water Heaters

    If your water heater has faithfully served you over the years but the time has come to replace it, as a homeowner you would like to know which type will best suit your specific needs. In this article we will talk about traditional (conventional, storage) vs tankless water heaters.  Hopefully this analysis will help you […]

  • Ask the expert: When should I replace my HVAC?

    People ask me all time when should I replace my HVAC? In the past, your HVAC system may have lasted 25 to 35 Years. Similar to our today’s computer systems, HVAC technology changes rapidly. The upgraded efficiency and energy savings has reduced systems to 15 to 20 Years of life. Also, if the consumer would […]


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